Do you want to keep tabs on what is happening in your firm?

Do you want to be able to easily read complex information from your system?

pnd do you want to manage your firm actively relying on up-to-date information?

Then you need the information system browser, BrIS.

About BrIS, or what the information system provides

The essence of the BrIS solution is that it gives you the capability of browsing data in your information system online – it should really be called OBrIS, that is online browser of information systems.

BrIS enables you to see current data 24 hours a day, and from any location.

All data presented in the BrIS application are downloaded online, so you always see their current status. Then it’s entirely up to you if you want to have the data presented in table or graph form, or if you want to look at each entry in detail.

And all of this is completely without risk of accidental changes in your information system, because it is always accessed in read-only mode.

Supported data sources include:

  • ERP systems (a range of systems, especially including the ORFEUS ERP package),
  • XPPS production systems,
  • Data Warehouse,
  • CRM systems,
  • relational database systems.