The DOC Q system simplifies the way of creating product documentation associated with products in any optional production system, and keeps the documents up-to-date.

Once a product is implemented in a production system, frequent changes in production processes may happen, including the addition, elimination or modification of specific operations. Records need to be kept of such changes, and they need to be dynamically updated. The dynamic creation of documentation using the DOC Q system categorizes product documents and updates them regularly on the basis of changes taking place in the production system.

Simpler and quicker thanks to DOC Q:

  • you create your documentation associated with dynamically-changing production processes, product components and catalogues,
  • you work with updated documentation,
  • you share documentation during product development and the production process with various staff (e.g. designers, quality specialists, administrators),
  • you search and locate product documents based on component numbers or project codes specified by you,
  • you work with documents of various types, e.g.: design diagrams, FMEA process, control plans – process, layout, control cards, pictorial instructions, scheduling sheets,
  • you get individual document types displayed in graphic form,
  • you approve changes in the documentation,
  • you standardize the management and access to documents,
  • you monitor changes which could have an impact on existing documentation,
  • you synchronize and transfer changes in the production process into DOC Q,
  • you can work with documents in various formats (doc, xls, pdf, cad, rtf, html,…),
  • you can access your documentation archive and locate specific versions of documents