Maintenance Management

By implementing electronic maintenance management (Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or Enterprise asset management (EAM)) companies become more capable of making effective use of their resources (PPE, HR, inventories…) and can thus achieve on average 8% savings on maintenance costs in just the first year of application of the information system.

What do you gain by implementing CMMS?

Incorporating maintenance processes into your company’s information system enables you to:

  • make strategic decisions based on accurate figures with the help of intelligible management documents and analytical tools,
  • rapidly identify and eliminate weaknesses in the process of equipment maintenance by means of ad hoc analyses and data histories,
  • monitor actual costs for individual items of equipment as well as keeping to planned budgets.

Thanks to the Maintenance Management system you gain a complete overview of the standard of functioning of maintenance in your company.
Maintenance costs will be reduced, and equipment will always be prepared for operation at the right time.
The efficiency of usage of your equipment will be improved, and at the same time also the usage of human and material resources for maintenance.