PDC (Product Data Collector) from the company RASAX alfa offers a solution for automating collection and analysis of data from the production process.

Process data are:

  • production data (e.g. product serial numbers, test results, passes through individual workstations, records of repairs and scrapping, batches of components going into production, identificition of operating staff, records of shutdowns),
  • data from other systems (MRP, ERP, CMMS systems (e.g. shift or whole day plans, planned shutdowns).

Data collected from the production process and entered into the PDC system are further used for:

  • preparation of production and QM statistics, including graphs,
  • searching through data and stored attachments, production data history, creation of tabulations and their export in these formats: .html, .pdf, .xml, .csv, .xls,
  • archiving of data from individual workstations on the production line in structured form,
  • documents for audits and claims,
  • export to other external systems if required.