System services

RASAX alfa, spol. s r. o., is linked with a stable platform IBM Power Systems better known under by name of IBM AS / 400.

System services offered by our company:

  • Instalation of systems

    • Konfiguration of database and aplikation servers
    • Konfiguration of communication middleware and other services for efektive collaboration with used hardware and soft ware.
    • Instalation of virtual servers.
      • VMware,
      • LPARy fot IBM Power Systems (AS/400).
  • Správa výpočtových systémov

    • Hardware services – checking and testing network components, servers, working stations and I/O devices.
    • Software services – developmnet checking, consultation about new software needs and about upgrade and maintenance sowtware.
    • Virtual servers administration.
  • performance analysis and optimization

  • Optimalized performance on IBM Power Systems is base precondition for:

    • effective running of proceses and transactions,
    • satisfying user requirements for system performance,
    • system change management and minimizing of financial costs.
  • Test lab

  • In our test lab we can provide testing and simulation of potential crisis variant and behavior of your information system:

    • TestLab – test the impact of changes in hardware and software for continuous operation information system.
    • Disaster Recovery Test – Testing data recovery functions and information system functions after disaster.