Key features

Key features of Maintenance Management are:

  • Simple and easy orientation

    The tree structure of equipment allows the required machine to be found very quickly. Your equipment records, drawings, manuals, contracts and inspection procedures will all be at hand at any time, and searching will be simpler than ever before.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

    Maintenance planning is based on the tried and tested principle of separation into preventive and corrective maintenance. This principle is supported by intelligible tools which enable the main types of repair work to be defined and the necessary period for preventive repairs to be specified.

  • High standard of maintenance work

    It is possible in a simple way to specify the necessary volume of work based on standards of complexity of maintenance jobs, material cost levels and minimized down-time of production equipment. Quality management tools enable the desired quality of maintenance work to be constantly achieved.

  • Precise evaluation of maintenance processes

    Enables material requirements to be optimized and personnel productivity to be effectively stimulated.