IBM Power Systems

For years IBM has been providing IBM server platforms for its IBM i, Linux and AIX customers, and since 2008 there has been a common hardware platform named IBM Power Systems.

Power Systems were developed primarily for larger companies with over 1000 employees, but nowadays several medium-sized and even small companies have chosen this stable hardware platform, because they want the best alternative to a Windows server for their most important business applications.

Power Systems servers stand out from the other solutions thanks to their:

  • easy implementation,
  • problem-free administration, maintenance and technical support,
  • high degree of scalability,
  • synchronization with previous server versions without needing changes or recompilation,
  • flexibility for development of new applications,
  • openness to IBM i, Linux and AIX applications,
  • capability of carrying out a high number of transactions,
  • cost-effectiveness.

RASAX alfa is an IBM business partner

The IBM i operating system is used by several hundred thousand companies in more than 115 countries of the world. This platform is distributed through the IBM business partners network, who play an important role in sales, installation and technical support. Our private limited company RASAX alfa is one of these business partners as well.

In several corporations the IBM systems have earned themselves an excellent reputation as systems which simply “run”, thus ensuring security in the company and minimizing downtime. Video >>

Just for interest: the previous names of the IBM Power Systems hardware platform were AS/400, iSeries and System i. The IBM operating system currently known as IBM i was known in the past as IBM OS/400 and i5/OS.

Source: IBM corporate web-site