Information system analysis

For customer the analysis is inspiration in an effort to make the best use of the information system, but also an objective view of the use of own capacities and capabilities. It takes into account the business plans and prospects for the future. In some cases the analysis lead to changes in certain activities of the company in pointing out their inefficiency. It also serves as an overview of the time and expenses of the project for new information system. For us it is an opportunity to get to know the needs of our customers and how it works.

System integration

The role of system integration is to ensure:
relieve the customer from the problems associated with the design of information system professional approach to solving problems and eliminating potential losses speed and quality of the work performed overall solution unification and compatibility of all components of the information system consistency of data

Data warehouse and OLAP analysis

For managers are requirements depending on the business situation that faced. Data needs to be browsed in different dimensions and at different levels of detail to source business problem or opportunity. Analyze trends in the performance of the company or its parts. Often the data are from different sources. With a data warehouse you will discover the hidden value of the data in your own database. Will improve financials, marketing, operational processes, communication and decision making, with easy available and uniform view of data.

Training sessions, hotline, support

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