Systems services

We provide systems services for various platforms that you may use in your company. This means primarily the activities of administering, running and managing changes in the hardware, systems software and your company information system as a comprehensive whole.

The development history of our company RASAX alfa is closely linked with the stable platform which is now called IBM Power Systems, but is probably still better known as IBM AS/400. For this reason the list of systems services that we currently offer is mainly focused on looking after this platform.

Our company provides the following systems services:

Installation of computer systems

  • Configuration of database and application servers, including post, fax, internet types.
  • Setting up communication systems middleware and providing services ensuring that they work efficiently together your hardware and software.
  • Implementation of virtual servers. The technologies we can reliably implement are:
    • VMware,
    • LPARs for IBM Power Systems (previously AS/400).

Administration of computer systems

We focus on computer systems provided by IBM and Microsoft.

  • Hardware administration – checking and testing network elements, servers, work-stations and input-output devices. We focus primarily on admin and support for IBM Power Systems.
  • Software administration – monitoring developments, consultations on the need to change SW, on SW maintenance and upgrades to higher versions.
  • Virtual systems administration.

Analysis and optimization of system performance

Optimized performance by IBM Power Systems is the basic precondition for:

  • smooth and efficient running of processes and transactions
  • satisfying users’ requirements for system performance
  • managing system changes and minimizing costs

Testing laboratory

In our testing laboratory we can carry out testing and simulation of potential variants of crisis behaviour in your information system:

  • TestLab – testing the effects of hardware and software changes during uninterrupted running of the information system,
  • Disaster Recovery Test – testing the renewal of data and IS functions following a breakdown.