Adelia Studio

Adelia Studio is a development platform based on a common repository, a single work environment and a single language. It is made by our development partner Hardis.

Adelia Studio enables applications to be developed and designed in the following architectures::

Key features of ADELIA platform:

  • Adelia Studio‘s features cover the entire software life cycle, from specification development through to application maintenance.
  • Adelia Studio builds applications without using Runtime
    The native code is readable. The applications generated with this product deliver excellent performance (as tested in IBM benchmarking laboratories).
  • Adelia Studio is an integrated development platform
    The product includes an extensive set of tools and managers (including translation, version, documentation and deployment managers).
  • Maintenance phases are accelerated
    Impact analyses and cross-referencing are supported.
  • All standards and “templates” are customisable:
    • report and screen standards,
    • program templates (screen and action sequences),
    • macro-instructions (reusable processes).

    Source: Hardis company web-site