IBM WebSphere MQ

  • Does it bother you that your information systems don’t communicate together?
  • Are your information systems built on different platforms, programming languages and protocols?
  • Does the combination of applications often change in your company?
  • Are you trying to integrate new things like Web 2.0 with FTP?

IBM offers a product which will revolutionize your business. IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ for short) consists of a universal communication frame capable of rapidly, reliably and securely transmitting messages and data betwen applications, systems and services. You can install it in a couple of minutes for painless integration of all your applications. At the same time MQ reduces the risk of data losses, if applications, web services or the network go down or operate inconsistently. Customers can count on MQ as a flexible infrastructure for developing and coordinating new applications quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for writing the complete code for communication between the systems.

Characteristics of IBM WebSphere MQ :

  • simple to use,
  • almost unlimited scaleability,
  • supports more than 80 platforms
  • excellent interconnectivity,
  • suitable for setting-out as well as international companies.

Source: IBM corporate web-site