eRegis, electronic document management

Transforms legal duty into intelligent
management of your documents


Basic information

Name: eRegis, electronic document management system

Current version: 2.0

Brochure: download


Scales of user numbers: up to 5/up to 10/up to 20/up to 40/for an unlimited number of users.

Target users:

  • public administration bodies and organizations – for people who are primarily involved in working with documents,
  • private sphere organizations – for people whose business activity is focused on making profit from manufacturing, product sales, or providing services, for example. These organizations can make their work more efficient by putting their documentation in order.

Solution: own design by RASAX alfa, s.r.o.

Platform: Java EE, version 6 (previously J2EE)

Programming tool: CASE Adelia (target language ILE RPG)

Architecture: 3-layer

Access via: web browser

Browsing equipment: PC or touch-screen mobile phone (smart phone)

Network performance requirements:for workplaces dealing with larger volumes of data (5MB and over), minimum connection speed 100Mb/s is needed for optimum work.